Print Materials

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Various Print Materials

Squidz Ink creates print materials in many flavors, from event and sales collateral to annual reports and newsletters.

Print materials come an various shapes, sizes, folding patterns and the ink lands on an array of paper types. A range of samples is presented here to offer an overview of our work.

The Women's Home - Event Collateral
Event Collateral - CHILDREN AT RISK
Newsletters - The Women's Home
Event Collateral - CHILDREN AT RISK
Donor Communications - The Women's Home
Annual and Program Houston A+

Publications – Children at Risk

publications, data publication, automated production


CHILDREN AT RISK publishes a number of data oriented publications such as: Growing Up in Houston, Texas School Guide, Growing Up in North Texas and various legal publications related to sex trafficking, human trafficking and the Texas juvenile justice system.

These publications tend to require handling of technical production challenges including development of data tagged layout templates to facilitate the auto-generation of structured pages, extensive endnote handling, content indexes and the creation of info graphics.

Growing Up in Houston 2017

Event Package – Accolades

event invitation & program set


CHILDREN AT RISK – Annual Accolades Luncheon
Event invitation and program package, envelopes, reply cards, event posters, email save the date

The Accolades 2016 theme is parenting and child guidance – Pathways to Family Well-Being.


Research – Early Ed/Pre-K Studies

non-profit research report, study findings, executive summary, branding


CHILDREN AT RISK has performed two studies focused on gathering hard data regarding the impact of Early Education on Texas’ children. The executive summaries and reports are used to inform public officials and lobbyists about real world data, how it relates to public education, public expenditures and the future of our children and state.

These are related reports looking at different aspects of public early education in Texas. The desire was to have both reports feel visually related as well, so that the recipients and users of the reports logically connect the reports and issue together.